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About Max Loesche

Hi guys, my name is Max, the head content creator & owner of Strike&Catch. I am a life-long passionate angler who has a knack for writing.

My Life & Work Story

Carp fishing with my oldest daughter Temperance

I am 38 years old and have been an avid angler since the tender age of 12. During those 26 years, I have built up a lot of experience and knowledge when it comes to various types of fishing and fish species.

I have always been blogging about my fishing adventures, but it wasn’t until the summer of 2019 that I discovered that you could actually build an enormous niche site around this hobby of mine.

I have never really liked working a conventional 9-5 job, as it just never fulfilled me or had the ability to make me happy. I have worked as a dishwasher, a receptionist, a librarian, a university administrator, and a professional translator, but nothing really stuck around for long.

Working for others just never really cut it for me, and I was constantly searching for something else.

So, during the winter of 2020, I decided to change things! I founded a company called Strike&Catch, got a website and a YouTube channel, and started to produce a lot of content in the form of fishing articles and videos.

It didn’t take long before I realized that this is something I really love to do. It basically reflects my entire being, and I can honestly say that I put my heart and soul into every piece of content I create.

It’s amazingly fulfilling and rewarding, and the best thing of all is that there is virtually no limit to it, only the one I set myself. And trust me when I say this; I mean to go very, very far!

Because once you have found something you’re really good at, something you are passionate about, and something you know pretty much everything about, it doesn’t even feel like work.

Instead, it’s simply a natural part of your daily life that you love and care about deeply. I think this also reflects in the articles I write. At least, that’s my hope and ambition!

Tight lines!

My Two Favorite Personal Bests

strike and catch
A crushing pike of 26lb 2oz. This fish only measured 43 inches. It was immensely round and fat. Since that day, big pike always have a special place and time in my fishing calendar, come winter and early spring!
about max loesche
An absolutely stunning common carp of 25lb 2oz. It took me 3 years to catch this fish, and during that time, I learned a lot about carp fishing.

Long-Term Goals for Strike&Catch

  • Provide the best and most helpful fishing content on the entire internet (go big or go home!)
  • 1,000 published articles (when I hit that, I’ll go further!)
  • 300,000 monthly readers
  • 1,000,000 monthly views on YouTube
  • Even better and even more helpful content for my readers

Accomplishments & Education

  • 5 published articles for popular fishing magazines and companies
  • 1 chapter in the fishing book “The Crucian Renaissance” by English specimen angler and author Chris Turnbull
  • Interviews with popular anglers such as Matt Hayes, Martin Bowler, and Des Taylor
  • Head of an online-based multi-species cup for over 10 years
  • 300 in-depth fishing articles on (so far)
  • A ton of gained knowledge about SEO and content creation
  • Bachelor of Arts in Social Geography and Politics
  • Master’s Degree in Digital Communications and Information Retrieval
  • Loving husband of 15 years
  • Proud father of two wonderful girls

Personal Life Goals

  • Catch a wild 40lb+ carp
  • Catch a 30lb+ pike
  • Making Strike&Catch an authority site within the online fishing world
  • Travel and fish the world
  • Always be the best husband to my wonderful wife and the best and most present dad to my little daughters
  • Good health
  • Well-trained abs (this is the only one I’m not sure about…)