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About Us

About Us

Strike & Catch was founded in 2020 and is a website that is 100% focused on and dedicated to fishing-related content. Our goal is to create the most advanced, helpful, and well-written fishing articles on the web, so that you can improve your already existing fishing skills and/or learn completely new ones.

Our content targets areas such as pike fishing, carp fishing, coarse fishing, specimen fishing, ice fishing, as well as fishing for beginners and kids in both the US, Canada, Europe, and the UK.

We have gathered enough expertise and experiences to confidently cover such a wide range of topics and give you the best information, tips, and tricks that will enrich your fishing experience and knowledge.

We hope you enjoy Strike and Catch’s articles and videos and hope that you will consult our site whenever you need to know anything fishing-related. If that is the case, then we know that we are doing a good job providing you with helpful and relevant fishing content and information, which is our number one goal.

Tight Lines!

Staff Area

Max Loesche – Owner & Head Content Creator

Strike and Catch owner and avid angler Max Loesche with a fat northern pike

Hi, I’m Max. I both founded and run Strike&Catch. I’m in charge of writing all the articles you find on this site and of providing you with the best fishing content on the internet. I really hope I’m doing a decent job on that front! You can find out more about me and Strike&Catch in my bio: here

Tania Loesche – CFO and Source of Inspiration

Hi! I’m Tania. Max and I have built this site from the ground up and I am proud to be a part of the Strike&Catch team. Max has so much knowledge to share and needed someone to help him see through the obstacles and trust that what he has to offer is of great value to the fishing community. My coaching background has helped him turn his site into an amazing source for all the anglers. Never stop dreaming, you will find a way to make it real!

Expert Content Contributors

These guys are the backbone of Strike&Catch’s content, as they provide highly valuable and in-depth fishing tips and tricks about their specific species of expertise.

Without them, all of the articles on this website wouldn’t be half as good, helpful, or informative, and we are really thankful and blessed to have these anglers on board the Strike&Catch ship!

Andre Charron – Canadian Pike and Muskie Fishing Expert

a successful Canadian fisherman with a big muskie that he has caught from his boat using the figure 8 method.

Hi! I’m Andre and I’m from Sturgeon Falls, Ontario, Canada. In my opinion, I live right beside one of the best Musky Lakes in Canada, Lake Nipissing! I’ve been fishing for Muskies since I was approximately 10 years old.

Fishing is my life! Always learning when spending time on the water, no matter the species! Willing to share knowledge with others. Don’t be shy to follow me on Instagram: @realtimefishing

Tight lines! Always figure 8 !!

Brian Harford – US Crappie Expert

Brian is a very skilled angler who spends a lot of time on the water catching big crappie. He’s a former pro staff member of Bushwacker Outdoors TV and is a certified instructor for the Hooked on Fishing Not on Drugs Kids Fishing Program.

He has devoted a lot of his time fishing for crappie year-round and over the years perfected his fishing techniques and skills.

Jay White – UK Carp Fishing Guru

A UK carp angler standing in water and holding a big mirror carp that he has caught on boilies.

Hi! I’m Jay from southeast England. I’ve been fishing since the age of 4 and caught most of the freshwater species of UK fish, but now I’m a through and through passionate carp angler, fishing prolific waters for proper old English carp!

Johnny Delaney – UK Pike Fishing Expert

A pike angling expert holding a large pike that he has caught on a deadbait on the bottom.

Hi, I’m Johnny. I’ve been fishing for Irish river pike for 22 years on and off. My favorite method is a floated ledger but recently a suspended bait under the float is my go-to setup.