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3 Best Method Feeders for Fishing (Under £2)

3 Best Method Feeders for Fishing (Under £2)

Method feeders are highly effective tackle that are able to present the perfect combination of groundbait and hookbait. There are many different types of method feeders out there and not all of them are of good quality or design.

That is why I went ahead and field-tested and reviewed three of the absolute best and most affordable coarse and carp fishing method feeders out there so that you can be sure to pick the right one for your fishing sessions and catch a ton of fish.

I actually use these budget method feeders myself, which is why I feel more than comfortable recommending them to you!

All of them can be found on Amazon, and they include the following:

Keep reading this article if you want to get an in-depth review of each of those three method feeder models.

What Are the Best Method Feeders for Fishing?

The time when one method feeder could cost up to £5 is no more, as the market has increased its production and managed to lower costs significantly.

Of course, there are a lot of cheaper brands that don’t measure up, but there are also those that produce really decent and affordable method feeders that will bring you a lot of joy on the bank.

Hence, you do not have to resort to brands like Korda or Fox in order to fish with good quality tackle anymore! Here follows a review of three budget method feeders that will fish as well as the more expensive ones.

Chudian Inline Method Feeder

budget method feeder

The little method feeder by Chudian is gaining immense popularity and is used by many anglers all over the UK and Europe. The company has managed to produce a very durable and well-functioning method feeder with this model.

This set consists of a total of 8 method feeders ranging from 15 to 60g, which makes the Chudian inline method feeder the perfect choice for both smaller and larger coarse and specimen fish. I use it myself on a regular basis when fishing for big roach, bream, tench, and carp.

It also comes with a set of two feeder moulds that fit the method feeder shape perfectly. The moulds have a back pushing seat in them, which makes it easier for the method feeder to be released from the mould, as the groundbait or feed won’t get stuck in it.

It has a well-balanced weight and it is designed in a way that makes the groundbait, or soft pellets, stick to the feeder while casting out.

chudian method feeder
The Chudian method feeder in action

I personally like the fact that the weight is made of environmentally friendly iron, rather than the conventionally used lead. In times of environmental awareness, this is definitely an important feature.

Another great plus of this method feeder is that it comes with a swivel for your hooklength. Some method feeder producers do not specify the exact size of the barrel swivel that is needed for the feeder, which can be a little inconvenient, I find. Getting a complete method feeder setup that is ready for the swim is much more practical!

All in all, a very good method feeder that roughly costs £1.8 per piece. Given that you will lose a few of them though and then, it’s a very decently priced feeder!

If you are interested in the Chudian Inline Method Feeder, you can take a closer look at it on Amazon here

Hirisi Inline Carp Method Feeder

best inline method feeder

The Hirisi inline carp method feeder is the perfect choice for the carp angler. It is my go-to method feeder when I want to chuck out larger and heavier balls of groundbait that have a lot of particles in them (hemp seeds, pellets, corn).

Mostly, I use them for carp fishing, but I also tend to use this feeder for tench and bream, if there is a lot of activity in the swim and I have to up the quantity of the groundbait.

Thanks to its large and round gripping design, a big groundbait ball will have no problem remaining on the feeder while you cast it out, despite its and the method feeder’s weight (given that you use an appropriate rod that is).

This method feeder also comes in a set and consists of a total of 10 feeders. You can choose between weights of 30, 40, 45 and 60g.

Personally, I prefer the 45g version, as this weight will not be making your rig too heavy to cast out smoothly, once the groundbait is attached to the feeder.

The Hirisi method feeders are of very good quality and material. They are highly durable feeders that will last for many sessions. I especially like the tough plastic of the lower-end opening in which the swivel goes.

Other feeders can have very openings that easily lose their grip on the swivel, but with this feeder, your swivel will keep being attached to the feeder and only loosen once the fish is bolted!

To conclude another really good and, at about £1.6, really decently priced method feeder!

Take a closer look at the Hirisi Inline Carp Method Feeder on Amazon here

NGT Method Feeder Flat In-line Set

This third method feeder is a smaller variant that is suited for smaller course fish on the feeder rod.

The NGT in-line method feeder comes in a set of four feeders plus one feeder mould. The feeders have a weight of 15, 20, 24, and 30g.

This feeder also comes with a complete setup, which includes a perfectly fitting barrel swivel and a feeder mould that fits the method feeder just right.

This method feeder is extremely well weighted and balanced and I am personally impressed by how flat they managed to build it; it lays perfectly on the bottom!

As there are only four feeders in this set, the price per piece is somewhat higher at £1.9, but it’s still a solid budget variant and well worth the investment.

You can check out the NGT Method Feeder Set on Amazon here

I hope this review article will help you find the perfect method feeder for your fishing and that, once you’ve found it, it will catch you a lot of fish!

Please leave a comment below if you have decided to try out one of the above-reviewed method feeders, and let me know how it went. Tight lines!

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