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The 5 Best Female Fishing YouTube Channels

The 5 Best Female Fishing YouTube Channels

YouTube is the number one platform for fishing-related videos and movies. There are tens of thousands of fishing channels on YouTube, and many fishing YouTubers create really decent content.

While most of those YouTubers are guys, there are quite a few really awesome female fishing YouTube channels on the platform as well! So I went ahead and checked out a ton of those channels to gather material for this article on the best female fishing YouTubers out there.

I boiled it down to 5 YouTube channels that, in my opinion, have both highly qualitative and informative fishing videos on them and are run by skilled and authentic female anglers.

Why only 5, you ask? Well, if I’m brutally honest with you, I had a hard time finding channels with female anglers who had all of their clothes on!

I know this sounds odd. But go ahead and check it out for yourself. Just search for “female fishing channel” and see what happens.

The result will be an overwhelming number of girls in too-tight and tiny bikinis. And the worst of it is that most of them can’t even fish or handle their gear correctly.

Being a dad of two little girls, I got a little ashamed, to be honest with you! Imagine having a daughter interested in fishing and checking out some video material with her on YouTube.

If we haven’t come further than this, well, then we have a lot of work left to do in this world!

But let’s get back to those amazing fishing girls who both wear clothes and catch a ton of really big fish.

Gale Force Twins

Gale Force Twins (172k subscribers)

Number 1 goes to a fantastic saltwater fishing duo. The Gale Force Twins are two Florida-based twin sisters who rock everything from snappers to barracuda and giant sharks.

They catch a ton of fish and hammer out insane amounts of content! Their channel is only three years old, and they’ve managed to publish over 328 videos, which is impressive.

What I like most about the Gale Force Twins YT channel is their versatility and gear knowledge.

They target an incredible number of species (and not only saltwater, by the way) and manage to hook up to some real giants!

Many videos also answer a lot of gear questions, which gives the channel a lot of authority, in my opinion.

The twins review fishing gear, such as rods and reels, and explain and present it in great depth.

They also have several detailed buyers’ guides on boats (like Best Family Friendly Fishing Boats). I think that’s a great category to cover, and I’m sure many saltwater anglers appreciate informative content like that!

So, if you want to see some saltwater action off the coast of Florida or the Bahamas, check out the Gale Force Twins on YouTube right now!

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Kristine Fischer

Kristine Fischer (115k subscribers)

Up next is Kristine Fischer, and her name says it all! Kristine is a really skilled and passionate female angler who manages to land some truly unbelievable fish while filming for her YT channel.

Just check out the above video of her catching an 11lb+ bass from a kayak.

Not only is the fishing action simply insane, but it’s a true joy to watch Kristine fight and land that fish.

Once again, it’s that authenticity that made me pick that channel because when you see how happy and moved she gets when netting that bass, you know that she is a real angler.

I am sure many of you can relate here; no matter how many fish you catch, every new PB feels like the first one, doesn’t it!?

Kristine’s primary focus is on bass fishing and fishing kayaks, and she’s got plenty of videos on both topics on her channel.

Among them are also quite a few very informative kayak-buying guides, which are more than worth checking out!

Lady Bass

Lady Bass (38k subscribers)

Number 3 is another allrounder from up north. Lady Bass is a relatively young, highly skilled, and super productive female fishing YouTuber.

I mean, she’s got more than 500 (!) videos on that channel, which is an unbelievable number.

She started her channel five years ago, which means she got into the YouTube game very young.

Since then, she has developed her fishing and filming skills, and that young lady banks some serious monster fish!

Lady Bass targets large and smallmouth bass, walleye, lakers, northern pike, and steelhead, making her a true all-around female angler.

I am especially impressed by her hard water walleye and lake trout videos, as she has excellent technique and manages to catch some massive fish through the ice.

She’s also got an incredible catch and release know-how, which is always awesome to see, especially in young anglers!

I think, given her young age and the expertise she’s already acquired, Lady Bass is an inspiration for many young fishing girls out there. Great job!

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The ReelHilarySue (98k subscribers)

Up next is a skilled bass girl from the south. The Reel Hilary Sue is a very nice fishing channel with lots of well-produced fishing videos that mostly focus on the various bass tournaments in the southern states.

Hilary Sue is a fairly young tournament angler and fishing YouTuber who is still in high school.

Nevertheless, she finds the time to fish and film a bunch of cool videos, and given that her channel is only 4 years old, she’s done a very good job on the platform so far!

She’s been busy and produced more than 120 videos during those four years, and she is now approaching 100K subscribers. That’s very decent for a young channel like hers.

Overall, her videos have a nice and “bassy” atmosphere to them, and it’s often exciting to follow Hilary Sue on her tournament adventures.

I think this channel has a lot of potential, and it’s going to be interesting to see where The ReelHilarySue will be a few years from now.

Fishing with Becca

Fishing with Becca (81k subscribers)

Number 5 on my list is the YouTube channel Fishing with Becca. Becca is another young fishing lady who puts out a lot of content on the platform and targets plenty of freshwater species.

Every video of hers that I’ve checked has a ton of comments, and she seems to have a very active and loyal audience that she’s interacting with frequently.

I think it’s Becca’s natural and friendly on-camera presence, coupled with a good amount of humor, as well as excellent fishing skills, that makes her videos and channel so popular.

Some of her target species include large and smallmouth bass, lake trout, panfish, and pike on both open water and through the ice.

In some of her videos, she also tries out completely different methods or targets not-so-popular species, such as common carp, giving the channel an exciting and varied touch.

She also tests many fishing gear and tackle, making her channel extremely informative, especially for young anglers and beginners.

I have several buddies in the US and Canada whose kids are avid fans of Becca and her YouTube fishing channel.

And I’m sure she’ll only become more popular because this is a fishing girl who really understands the YouTube game!

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