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Best and Easiest Foods to Bring on a Fishing Trip

Best and Easiest Foods to Bring on a Fishing Trip

Getting hungry while fishing is something that naturally happens when spending a lot of time behind the rod. As you want to focus on your bites, it’s important to bring easy and handy foods on your fishing trip, which still taste good and can provide you with enough nourishment.

That is why I wrote this article on the best and easiest foods to bring on a fishing trip. So that you don’t have to battle hunger while fishing, and instead can enjoy a tasty bite on the bank, no matter if it is a short or a very long fishing trip. Tight lines and bon appetit!

Best and Easiest Foods to Bring on a Short Fishing Trip

We have all been there; you are eager to get to the water and do a couple of hours of fishing. You don’t have much time to begin with, which is why you disregard your already upcoming hunger and just try to get to your fishing spot as soon as possible.

You want to maximize your time, right? Well, by doing so, you are actually jeopardizing your entire fishing trip!

That stomach of yours will just get more and more hungry and most likely, you won’t be able to fully enjoy your trip, or even worse, you might have to quit it earlier than intended because you are getting so hungry that you have to go and get some food.

In order to easily avoid that, you should try to shift your planning and focus! Think about it, are ten minutes spent to fix up some food for your trip really too much, compared to perhaps hours lost on the bank, because of your empty stomach?

If your answer is a solid no, then you are already on the right track! And now that you’ve decided to take that little extra time for food preparation, here are a few inspirational ideas for easy and tasty foods for your next short fishing trip:


Ready-made sandwiches are one of my absolute favorites for short fishing trips. You can prepare them easily and quickly just before heading out and bring a small variety with you. Cheese, ham, tomato, salad, grilled, toasted; the possibilities are many.

And because of their practical oval or square shape, they fit in almost any container and pocket or bag. If you wrap them in aluminum foil, they stay fresh for a longer time!

Man, there is nothing better than a fresh, crispy sourdough sandwich in between bites!


No matter if you bring it warm and fresh, or cold as a leftover from last night’s dinner, pizza in slices is a formidably easy food to bring on a fishing trip.

While not the healthiest of foods, pizza has the ability to fill you up quickly and provide your body with much-needed calories. As pizza slices are natural finger foods, they can be eaten without a problem while sitting on a fishing chair, or even standing on the bank.

For pizza, I have also found that aluminum will keep it the freshest.


If you want some really rich food that is extremely healthy, you can bring a bag of nuts when fishing. Nuts are easily carried in your pocket or bag, they taste good, and they benefit your body and health.

Nuts are good for your heart, as they lower bad cholesterol. They also are rich in omega-3, fibers, proteins, and antioxidants! Real awesome snacks, in other words.

Nuts are also a great way of filling the time when you wait for that bite, as you can keep eating them, one by one, for a really long time.

A Bunch of Bananas

Fruits are generally not a good food to bring when you are outside for a longer time, as they do not really fill you up much. A big exception here is bananas!

While being rather calorie-poor, bananas still manage to fill you up. They are also rather fiber-rich fruits. A handful of them will last for several hours, which is usually enough for a short fishing trip.

Another advantage of bananas is the fact that they literally come in their own packaging, which means that you can just place them in your bag and you are ready to go. Just make sure you don’t squeeze them in there.


For short fishing trips, I recommend bringing cold pasta in a container, with a fork or tablespoon. You can also make it a pasta salad, with some cherry tomatoes, a little diced ham, and cheese, just yummy!

Thanks to its high amount of carbohydrates, pasta will fill you up plenty and give you new energy while being outside.

Pasta is the perfect choice when you are really hungry and need to recharge quickly. Especially in rougher weather conditions, like wind, rain, or cold, your body actually loses more calories and energy than you think, and fast at that!

Best and Easiest Foods to Bring on a Long Fishing Trip

a bunch of hot dogs on a grill

When going on a fishing trip that can last an entire day, a night, or perhaps even a weekend, you will have to consider bringing totally different foods than for short trips, and lots more of it!

As you are planning to spend a considerable time on the bank, or boat, you will naturally be thinking of bringing some food, but snacks or a wrapped up sandwich just won’t cut it here. Instead, try to think of warm foods, cooking gear, and variation.

This is especially important when bringing kids with you. You will definitely feel hungry throughout the day, or night when fishing. Double that hunger when it comes to your kids!

Then you’ll know how much you actually have to bring. Eating, to them, can also be a form of entertainment, while being outside that long.

But even if you’re out on your own, you will most likely consume a larger amount of food than you’d thought. And when spending that much time fishing, you will just want to eat a little varied. It makes the trip more fun too.

When it comes to long fishing trips, think different foods, warm foods, and most importantly, think lots of foods.

Imagine spending an entire day outside and not eating a delicious and warm meal. You’d definitely be missing out. Additionally, you just really have the time to prepare a really good lunch or dinner for yourself. You most certainly deserve it!

So, here are my tips for the best and easiest foods to bring on a long fishing trip. Remember to pick a combination of at least one or two of the following suggestions, and to bring a cooler of some sort.

A Bread Loaf With Spread

a fishing spot with a prepared breakfast

Personally, I just love fresh bread. Going to my local bakery in the morning and picking up a fresh loaf is a must for me when going on a longer fishing trip. This type of food is especially suited for breakfasts and light lunches.

Not only is a loaf super delicious, it will also stay fresh throughout the entire day. It’s also rather easy to pack up and store.

You can bring some cheese, ham, salad leaves, tomatoes, jam, and butter with you to make that fishing loaf the ultimate experience for your taste buds!

Just remember to bring a cutting and a butter knife, as well as a small cutting board. Those will make preparing your awesome sandwiches on the bank much easier for you!


a couple of delicious hamburgers being prepared during a fishing trip

Perhaps one of the most classic of outdoor foods! If you have a small, portable grill with you, you can make very decent hamburgers while fishing. Of course, an open fire will also do the trick. (Make sure you check the local regulations for open fires).

Along with your burger patties, you can put some slices of cheese, small bottles of ketchup and mustard, salad leaves, an onion, and of course those tasty hamburger buns in your cooler.

And voila, you actually have yourself a super nice warm meal!

Insider tip: If you have some left over patties, from let’s say your trip’s lunch, you can save those for the upcoming dinner (if you are still fishing that is). If you decide on pasta, you can chop the burgers up and have a nice pasta- meat combo all ready to go!

Hot Dogs

Another favorite food for a fishing trip. Hot dogs are perhaps not as filling as other meals, but they are easy to make and handle while fishing. You can also make a larger amount of them, to get more filled up.

Hot dogs are perfect for trips with kids! They can actually eat them while still strolling around and playing, which is usually highly appreciated.

a young angler fishing with her dad and eating some eveing hot dogs

Once again, you will either need an open fire or a portable grill. Of course, when you have your kids with you, an open fire is much more fun when grilling hot dogs. The sticks, the flames, all that is pretty exciting to them!

Bring good hot dog buns with you, as well as some ketchup and mustard, and don’t forget the dried onions! Yummy lunch or dinner ahead!

Pasta and Meatballs

Pasta is dry food, which makes it easy to transport and store. You could just always have a few packages of it in your car.

It’s my personal dinner favorite for overnight fishing trips. Pasta fills you up really well for the night, which is super important to consider when night fishing and sleeping in a tent.

No matter the outside temperature and how warm your sleeping bag is, the cooler environment of the night will make your body use up much more energy than it would at home under a warming blanket.

A good portion of pasta in your stomach will prevent your body from draining all its resources overnight.

a plate with pasta and meatballs in a tent on a fishing trip

But the mere energy and nutrition factor is not the only thing you should consider. Make it a darn good pasta dish, as taste is as important. Meatballs (or the above-mentioned burger pieces) are a nice and easy complement to outdoor pasta.

For this dish, you will need a camping gas stove, as well as a small frying pan and a pot. You will also need a couple of liters of water, for the boiling of the pasta, and a small plastic container with some butter or oil for the frying of the meatballs.

Bring some ketchup, pesto, or a nice tomato sauce along with your pasta and meatballs, to make it the perfect pasta experience on the bank!

Eggs and Bacon

This is another perfect breakfast alternative when fishing. Nothing beats the smell of freshly fried eggs and bacon on the bank in the morning. It creates that perfect combined scent of fresh morning air and tasty food.

In order to make eggs and bacon, you will once again need a gas stove and a frying pan. You could of course also fry the food over your campfire, it just takes a little more time and preparation.

Make sure you bring some butter for the frying pan, as well as some salt, and maybe ketchup and a can of beans if you like that kind of food for breakfast. It’s all really easy to bring with you on your fishing trip.

Personally, I prefer (surprise!) a fresh slice of bread with those eggs and bacon! Simply divine!


When you are fishing an entire day, or over the weekend, naturally, you will want to have some light snacks in between meals.

The above-mentioned nuts and bananas are just two of the numerous alternatives you can bring on your trip. Apples are another great and easy fruit to bring with you.

Of course, you don’t have to go all healthy. Chocolate is a great snack that can fill you up and give you a lot of energy fairly quickly. Chips are just nice to eat in between sometimes, even though they won’t give you much nourishment.

I don’t really want to recommend any kinds of sweets and candies, as I always try to give my readers healthy and beneficial tips when it comes to fishing!

Your health is the most important thing you have in your life and you will be able to enjoy so many more fishing trips if your health is good! Always try to keep that in mind, even though it can be difficult at times.

Longer fishing trips overnight demand both good preparation and a proper fishing tent, or bivvy. Make sure to read up on these topics, by also checking out these articles that I wrote:

Best Drinks to Bring on a Fishing Trip


Without a question, water is the most essential drink to bring on any of your fishing trips! Always, always have a small or big bottle of fresh water with you when you go fishing.

Being outside will naturally dry out your body rather quickly, which is why it’s extremely important to stay hydrated.

Make sure you bring at least 0.5-1 liter for a shorter trip, and 1.5-2 liters of a longer one, per person!

Ice Tea

It’s not the healthiest beverage, but a little ice tea is surely nice to sip while fishing, especially when it’s hot outside.

Ice tea also contains a certain amount of sugar, which can give you that little extra energy boost. It is also a less sugary alternative than coke or other such drinks, which is why I prefer it, whenever I want to bring a sweetened drink on my fishing trip.


Being another one of my favorites, tea both brings you a state of comfort and tranquility, as well as some warmth for your body.

Quite honestly, I could not imagine myself on a fishing trip without my thermos bottle filled with a good brew! If you’re an English angler, you will certainly relate.

If you are from another country, you should certainly bring some tea with you the next time you head out to the water.

If you’re not bringing a thermos with ready-made tea, don’t forget to bring a gas stove and a pot or kettle with you, in order to boil fresh tea. You can also bring a good old kettle and boil the water with the help of a campfire.

Make sure you bring extra water for boiling with you (don’t use your cold drinking water) and, of course, some tea bags.


Another hot beverage that will make you feel nice and warm during those chilly early mornings or late evening hours.

Coffee also has the ability to keep you awake, if needed. This can be an advantage when night fishing and actually having to stay awake, if you, for example, have to guard your rods.

The same goes for coffee as for tea; either you bring it ready in a thermos, or you make it fresh on the bank.

Homemade Lemonade

This is a special tip for fishing trips. Just take an empty 1 or 2-liter bottle and fill it with your homemade lemonade. This is a good alternative when fishing with kids.

You can both make the lemonade with them at home and then drink it together while fishing. It’s a fun activity to do with them, prior to your trip!

All you need is water, a lemon or lime, and some sugar (you will find the right amount of each after some testing). Just heat up the water a little, so that the sugar can dissolve well, and then put it in the fridge to cool down, before heading off to the water.

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Recommended Cooking Gear for Fishing Trips

a portable grill in action during a fishing trip

Now that you have gotten a few ideas about good and easy foods to bring on your fishing trips, let’s take a look at some of the gear that can be used to prepare that food.

Portable Grill

There are plenty of alternatives out there, but a standard propane or charcoal grill is definitely your best choice for a fishing trip.

I really like small grills that have short legs and hence are close to the ground, both for easier transportation and more stability and safety when barbecuing.

Amazon has a very popular propane grill by Coleman, which is very efficient and reasonably priced.

Portable Gas Stove

For those pasta dishes I talked about, a portable gas stove is your absolute best pick. I use the Bright Spark Camping Cooker and have done so for at least 10 years.

It’s a really great little stove that is self-ignited, easy to clean, and can hold a 10-inch pan without any issues.

It’s also very smooth for boiling water for that nice cup of tea or coffee in the morning.

Once again, Amazon’s got you covered with a practical and decently priced Coleman stove.

Camping Cookware

Of course, in order to prepare and then eat all that delicious food you are going to cook while fishing, you will need various utensils. I am a big fan of those complete sets, which provide you with everything you need.

The one I use is called the Odoland Camping Cookware Kit. It has a really cool design, everything is made of stainless steel and really easy to clean. The set includes both a pot, a pan, a kettle, cups, plates, spoons, and forks.

Check out the super practical Odoland Cookware set on Amazon here.

Thermos Bottle

The best thermos bottles are made by Stanley! For that delicious morning coffee or tea on the bank, a stainless steel thermos with advanced insulation technology is your best choice.

My own Stanley thermos literally keeps my coffee warm for an entire day.

And when it’s hot during summer, it’ll keep your water or soft drinks nice and cold!

Check out the classic Stanley thermos on Amazon here.


If you are planning a longer fishing trip, you will definitely need a big camping cooler. It provides the necessary space to bring a lot of food and has extra room for freezer blocks to keep your food fresh for many hours.

YETI is my go-to brand when it comes to solid coolers. Their Tundra 45 will keep your food cold and fresh for days and has enough space for plenty of food.

Perfect for those weekend fishing and camping trips with the entire family!

Check out the YETI Tundra 45 Cooler on Amazon here.

Another really efficient and practical cooler model is the Coleman Xtreme 5.

This cool box is designed with modern, premium insolation technology which can keep your food cold for many days.

It’s also super robust and compact, which makes transporting and carrying it very easy!

Cooler boxes have really improved over the last decade or so and I am always amazed at how well these new coolers actually work, even in very high temperatures.

Find out more about the Coleman Xtreme 5 Cooler and check the current price on Amazon here.

If you want to get even more helpful camping gear tips, make sure to check out our recommended gear pages as well:

Why It Is Important to Bring Food With You When Fishing

I cannot tell you how essential it is to feed your body well while being outside for a long period of time! Your body will crave more food and hydration than normal, and you will simply feel bad if you don’t give it what it needs while you’re out.

I have experienced both food and water shortages myself while fishing and it was never fun. I know that we all get super eager to get out there as fast as possible, it’s the world’s best hobby after all, isn’t it!

But no matter how much fun fishing is, you cannot and will not enjoy it all that much if you get too hungry or thirsty.

In fact, you will stop focusing on your fishing altogether, because your body and mind suddenly go into an all-encompassing survival mode.

You get to experience severe headaches, stomach aches, dizziness, tiredness, or simply an extreme feeling of hunger that has the power of ruining your trip.

Also, don’t forget that you still have to drive back home, which won’t be easier if you are experiencing any of those conditions!

So, to conclude, one of the most essential elements of any fishing trip really is food and water. Always make sure you bring plenty of both, to fully enjoy your fishing trip!

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