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Best Camping Gear for Fishing

Best Camping Gear for Fishing

Overnight fishing trips are extremely fun and something truly relaxing, if you have the right camping gear with you. When staying outside for one or several nights in a row, having the right equipment to make you feel comfortable is very important. That’s why I wrote this guide on the best camping gear to bring on a fishing trip.

Essential camping gear for a fishing trip includes a tent, a sleeping bag, a camping mat, as well as a tent light for the dark hours, a gas stove and cooking ware for preparing and eating warm food, and lastly, a camping cool box for storage of fresh foods.

If you have these essentials with you, your overnight fishing trip will be an absolute blast, guaranteed! Read this article to find out what they are and where to get them.

Best Tents for Fishing

Fishing and camping at night are one of my favorite spare-time activities. When I was younger, I could spend an entire night sitting and dozing on my fishing chair, but nowadays, I much prefer sleeping in a tent.

Night fishing and camping in a tent is especially fun when you bring the kids along with you. But for everyone to have a good time, and a comfortable night of sleep, you will need a good tent above your heads.

I can recommend the Marmot Crane Creek Backpacking and Camping Tent, which I used before I have used myself for many years.

This tent has enough room for 3 persons and their entire gear, which can be nice if you’re not comfortable with leaving your equipment outside at night.

It has a super thick and robust outer layer and floor coating that can handle any type of weather and is 100% water-proof.

What I like most about this tent is its weight (just under 6 lbs) and the fact that it has a lampshade pocket that can hold a headlamp. This is super practical for night fishing and those long evenings with the kids when it’s storytime! A really smart design right there!

If you are interested in buying the Marmot Tungsten, you can find it on Amazon here

I now use a bivvy for my fishing trips, after a few years of sleeping in a normal camping tent. A bivvy is a more advanced type of tent that is easily and quickly opened so that you can sleep in and fish directly from it.

The bivvy I recommend for night fishing trips is the Fort Knox 2.0 Pro Dome.

Being rather roomy, this bivvy offers enough room for either 2 adults, or 1 adult and 2 smaller children. It also comes with an attachable groundsheet, which is great to keep out any kind of insects!

It can be erected extremely fast (I manage to set it up in about two minutes), has an extra skin that keeps the bivvy warm in winter and cool during summer, and its outer layer is extremely durable. No scratches or holes to patch up!

On a very personal note, I find the design of this bivvy extremely cool and given the great reviews it has gotten, many other anglers seem to agree with me on that!

Take a closer look at the Fort Knox 2.0 Bivvy and read all the great reviews it has gotten on Amazon here

Best Sleeping Bag for Fishing

A sleeping bag is not only something very cozy and comfortable when sleeping in a tent, it also keeps you warm and dry.

This is probably the most important piece of equipment for your night fishing trip! Without it, a fun night outdoors can quickly turn into a real nightmare.

It’s also important to keep in mind to choose a sleeping bag that you can get out of very fast, in case you are sleeping and suddenly get a bite. That is why I am only using sleeping bags that have quick-release zippers!

The TETON Sports Deer Hunter Sleeping bag is the perfect fit for your overnight fishing trips! It’s both super warm, super comfortable, and very well isolated, which means that you can use it during all four seasons of the year.

It actually keeps you warm in temperatures that go as low as -35F, so this sleeping bag is a true all-year-rounder!

I especially like its rectangular shape, as you’re able to both move around in it and get out of it super easily and quickly.

Another great feature of the TETON is its material and durability. My oldest daughter, now 9 years old, has had this sleeping bag for now 3 years and it still looks as good as new (I bring her with me on my fishing trips on a regular basis).

So, you’ll most definitely get a lot of sleeping bag for your money!

Check out this phenomenal sleeping bag on Amazon here

Another advanced type of sleeping bag, specifically designed for anglers, is the Trakker Big Snooze. Trakker makes the best camping gear for fishing trips and their big snooze sleeping bag is really one of a kind. I have used mine for over 10 years and have always enjoyed sleeping in it, no matter if it was during a warm summer night or a very cold autumn or winter one.

The Big Snooze has highly comfortable polyester on the inside and only weighs 3kg, which is amazing for its size and material. You really couldn’t ask for a better fishing sleeping bag! Here is a little YouTube video review, to get a better picture of this awesome sleeping bag:

You can find the Trakker Big Snooze on Amazon here

Best Gas Stoves for Fishing Trips

When going on a long fishing trip, you’ll definitely want something warm to eat! A portable propane gas stove is the perfect way of cooking food outdoors; it’s energy-efficient, it doesn’t take much room and it is fairly cheap to buy one.

When you are fishing together with your friends, or when you have the whole family with you, a double burner stove enables you to cook more food at once.

The Coleman Gas Camping Stove is such a stove, and a super aptly priced one at that!

Simple push-button ignition, low ground design, wind-blocking panels, easy to clean; all in all a great camping stove! Just buy a few extra gas cartridges and you’re good to go!

You can purchase the Coleman Gas Camping Stove on Amazon here

If you’re fishing on your own, a single burner gas stove is totally sufficient! I recommend the Coleman PowerPack One Burner Propane Stove, which is a solid choice for fishing trips.

It’s super small and easily packed and has a wide base and sturdy pot supports, which makes it extremely stable and easy to cook food with. Just buy a couple of standard propane gas cylinders with it, and off to the water you go!

Check out the Coleman PowerPack Stove on Amazon now

Best Camping Cookware for Fishing

I have tried bringing our dinner plates and glasses on fishing trips with the kids, and trust me, it wasn’t a very good idea, a lot of them actually broke during those trips.

So, I started to buy camping cookware sets and it’s really great how practical and easily cleaned, on the spot, they are! Also, as all the parts fit together and can be stored away, I can just keep them with my fishing gear in the garage, ready for the next overnight trip!

I use the Odoland Camping Cookware Kit, which gives you everything you need to cook and eat, food for 3-4 persons. It comes with a pot, a pan, kettle, dishes, cups, and even cutlery! You can store everything in the included carry bags.

You can find the Odoland Cookware Kit on Amazon here

Best Fishing Coolers

In order to store all the food you’re going to eat on your fishing trip, and to keep it fresh, you will need a cooler. Standard models are usually enough to keep your food from going bad over several days, which is enough for an entire weekend spent fishing and camping.

My go-to cooler is the Coleman Portable Cooler with Wheels, which can hold enough food and drinks for 3-4 people over many days, thanks to its 50-quart capacity and premium insulation technology in the lid and walls.

With enough ice packs, this cooler has an impressive cooling time of up to 120 hours, which is pretty amazing! It really feels like a mini-fridge, even in the middle of summer. That’s great quality, for sure. And, you don’t even have to carry it!

If you want to purchase the Coleman Cool Box Xtreme, you can find it on Amazon here

For short fishing trips of up to 24h, I can recommend the YETI Roadie 24 Cooler, which is a super compact and light cooler that can hold enough food for 2 persons.

It’s very easily carried and, pretty impressively, only weighs 12.8 lbs. It has highly efficient insulation for maximum ice retention, which manages to keep your food and drinks fresh!

Flexible, simple, and super-easy to transport!

You can check out the YETI Roadie 20 Cooler on Amazon here

Now that you have everything you need for your camping/fishing trip, I wish you an amazing outdoor experience and a ton of fish! Enjoy nature and the absolute freedom of sleeping outdoors.

Tight lines and happy camping!