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Best Salmon River Fishing Reports (For Salmon and Steelhead)

Best Salmon River Fishing Reports (For Salmon and Steelhead)

Featured image courtesy of Shane Muckey

Thousands of anglers enjoy this river’s numerous exquisite fishing opportunities, as the Salmon River is a top-rated trout and salmon destination in the Northeastern US! 

Up-to-date fishing reports are a vital tool for many anglers, as they will tell you everything you need to know about the current state of fishing affairs in a specific river.

Surprisingly, there aren’t that many Salmon River fishing reports on the internet. But the ones that are out there are frequently updated, reliable, and contain a ton of helpful information and tips. 

So you’re planning a trip to this prestigious river and want to get the latest updates on runs, water temperatures, currents, and catch rates, all you have to do is keep reading! 

Whitaker’s Sports Store

a screenshot of the whitaker's sport store website

According to many trout and salmon anglers, one of the best SR fishing reports available is Whitaker’s Sports Store’s.

They are based out of Pulaski and can thus track the entire river system.

These guys also get a lot of reports directly from the bank, as they frequently talk to anglers who’ve fished the river!

Together with the highly detailed information about weather conditions, currents and water levels, wind directions, air temperatures, and forecasts for the coming days, Whitaker’s fishing report is one you can’t be without if you want to succeed on the Salmon!

They publish fresh reports several times a week, which is insane. The regularity and amount of information they put into each and every report is very impressive!

Another great plus is that they suggest the patterns that are currently producing the most bites. They list both streamers, egg patterns, beads and nymphs. That is super valuable info right there!

And, finally, if you, for some reason, didn’t get all the info you need for your upcoming fishing adventure on the Salmon River, you can always give the store a call and ask: 315-298-6162.

A-class service, in my humble opinion!

Douglaston Salmon Run

a trout fisher on the Salmon River with a huge steelhead
Courtesy of Michael Deloia

Up next is the Douglaston Salmon Run’s fishing report for the Salmon River.

The DSR is a private estate fishery that includes two miles of riverfront, making this report extremely local.

While you can only fish the stretch if you purchase a daily fishing pass (cost: $75), the DSR’s daily fishing reports are freely accessible online.

And as this stretch is located at the lower end of the river, right between Lake Ontario and Pulaski, their updates will give you a pretty good idea about the current salmon and steelhead runs in the river.

These guys update every single day, which is a big plus for this fishing report.

Their updates include morning and afternoon fishing reports, which is quite rare if you ask me. That’s a ton of effort they put into these reports!

They also publish up-to-date data on the river flow (in cubic meters per second), weather conditions, air temperatures, and times for sunrise and sunset.

These guys literally spend every day on the river, so the information is extremely valuable.

Unfortunately, that’s about it regarding websites and bait shops! Fat Nancy’s Tackle Shop used to have a really cool fishing report section with tons of information and even catch pictures, but they don’t seem to publish them anymore.

Luckily, though, there are several Facebook groups and pages that provide valuable and up-to-date information about the Salmon River’s salmon and steelhead fishing.

Facebook groups are a very open and direct place where anglers can discuss with and inform each other about the current fishing on the river.

You can get many expert tips, ask questions, find a few new fishing buddies, and share your own catch reports in these groups.

I find that they are a great compliment to the regular fishing reports you find online!

Let’s check a few of them!

Shane Muckey’s Salmon River New York Fishing Reports

This is probably the most active Salmon River fishing group on Facebook! Shane Muckey, who runs this excellent group, is an avid local angler with decades of experience.

He, and plenty of other anglers, frequently posts informative fishing reports, helpful tips, and awesome catch pictures from the Salmon River, Lake Ontario plus tribs, and Lake Oneida.

The engagement in this group is off the charts, and the discussions and comments are always helpful and positive.

This makes it a qualitative and friendly fishing Facebook group, which is pretty rare on today’s social media.

If you’re looking for local expert fishing tips, great Salmon River salmon, steelhead, and brown trout reports and pictures, and friendly discussions, then Shane Muckey’s Facebook group is the perfect pick for you!

Rays Salmon River Fishing Report

a screenshot of the rays salmon river fishing report facebook group

Rays Salmon River Fishing Report is another really helpful, informative, and super friendly Facebook group.

Raymond Page, who runs the group, is an amiable and open person who sees to it that people can say the same thing about his fishing group! (Again, pretty uncommon in this day and age)

Ray visits the river fairly often, and members can always ask him for the latest steelhead and salmon fishing developments and reports. A super valuable source of information, in other words!

Additionally, Ray and other local anglers always give good tips regarding fishing techniques and baits, which many group members appreciate.

All in all, a fairly small but surprisingly active and extremely valuable Salmon River Facebook group!

Salmon River Fishing Reports (Facebook Page)

a screenshot of the facebook group Salmon River fishing reports

Last but not least, we’ve got the Salmon River Fishing Reports community.

This Facebook page provides up-to-date catches, reports, weather conditions, and authentic experiences from both SR anglers and guides.

They fish the river, catch their fish, and then share their reports, images, and impressions on Facebook.

It doesn’t get much more authentic and accurate than that!

Some of the local anglers and guides even share fishing videos and live feeds from the river, which is pretty cool.

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