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3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets)

3 Best Nets for Pike Fishing (All Budgets)

Pike fishing is a lot of fun, and catching one of those huge predators is as thrilling as it can get. To land your trophy pike successfully, you will need both a robust and a big enough landing net. 

But as there are so many different net types and sizes out there, it’s not always that easy to find one that’s the perfect fit for you and your fish. 

That’s why I decided to write this helpful guide on the best nets for pike fishing. So you can be sure that you can net that giant northern, no matter how wild and angry it may be during the fight!

QUICK SUMMARY: In this article, I am reviewing three solid, large, and reliable pike fishing nets that you can find on Amazon for a very reasonable price. They include the StowMaster Tournament Series Landing Net, the Frabill Power Catch Teardrop Landing Net, and the Blisswill Large Fishing Net.

What Are the Best Fishing Nets for Pike?

Top Pick: StowMaster Tournament Series Landing Net

The StowMaster Tournament Series Net is, by far, the best landing net for pike fishing out there! It combines great design with practicality and plenty of room for any pike size! 

What makes the StowMaster stick out among all fishing nets is that its hoop is foldable, which isn’t something you see very often when it comes to big predator fishing nets! 

This makes it extremely convenient to transport and store in your home, car, and boat. 

Additionally, it has a really round and broad hoop that will fit even the biggest of pike without a problem! 

Hence, what you get is a very lightweight and compact big game landing net. The perfect combo for big pike! 

Here are some more pros and features of the StowMaster Landing Net:

  • Hoop size: 36×38” 
  • Overall length: 116”
  • Stowage size: 18×50” (when telescoped and folded)
  • Net depth: 48” (even 40+ inchers will have plenty of room in it)
  • StowMaster lifetime repair or replacement warranty
  • Hoop frames and net handle made from an aircraft-quality aluminum alloy (super light and extremely strong and durable)
  • 1 1/4” diameter extruded tube for phenomenal strength and slip-free handling (even when wet)
  • Heavy-duty nylon netting with a knotless, fish-friendly, and snag-free design (perfect for quick catch and release fishing)

Thanks to its smart and compact design, this net won’t be in your way during the fight and can be easily and swiftly unfolded in seconds.

I highly appreciate this feature, as I am fishing from a smaller boat and have limited space around me. 

Bringing a big game landing net with me gives me so much more confidence, which I’ll need in case I hook one of those giants out there in the depths.  


  • Really, this net’s only con is the fact that it is high-end gear that’ll cost a little extra. But as you’ll be buying a high-quality and extremely durable net, it’s a wise investment to make!


If you’re doing your pike fishing from a boat and target waters with massive fish in them, this is the net you’ll want and need!

Having the StowMaster onboard with you means that you’re well-prepared to net and land that trophy northern!

You can find out more about the incredible StowMaster Tournament Series Landing Net on Amazon here

Runner-Up: Frabill Power Catch Teardrop Landing Net

If you’re looking for a great all-round predator net that will handle most pike sizes, the Frabill Power Catch Teardrop is the perfect pick for you!

It’s a superb predator net with plenty of awesome features that will serve you well on the water! 

Its big, thick mesh prevents tangles and is easy on the fish, which are two very important aspects when it comes to unhooking and releasing bigger pike.

Here are all of the Power Catch’s pros and features:

  • Hoop size: 26×30” 
  • Handle length: 72”
  • Net depth: 38”
  • Tangle-free, knotless netting (very fish-friendly and no more snags)
  • Ergonomic handle that eliminates torque and roll-over
  • Made of corrosion-proof stainless steel
  • Dual I-beam extrusion for ultimate strength
  • Ensures a secure and confident landing
  • Perfect for pike fishing from a boat

The net depth of the Power Catch makes both landing and handling fish an effortless and smooth task.

After all, they are known for being very powerful and aggressive fish, and they usually take full advantage of their powers right before the landing. 

Using the wrong net, or no net at all, in such a situation can make things a lot more complicated. And in the worst-case scenario, you’re going to lose that fish. 

That outcome is practically impossible if you’re fishing with the Frabill Power Catch!

PRO TIP: Try to keep your net and fish in the water while handling and unhooking your catch, it keeps the pike calm and saves you a lot of time.


  • Great all-round predator net that will handle most pike, but a little small for really huge trophy fish. They’ll fit, but the landing might not go as smoothly.


Without a doubt, one of the best pike nets on the market! If you want to use quality gear and are serious about your pike fishing, then this net is a must-buy for you. Excellent material quality, highly durable, and easy to handle! The perfect all-rounder!

If you want to take a closer look at the Frabill Power Catch Net, you can find it on Amazon here

Budget Pick: BLISSWILL Large Fishing Net

The Blisswill fishing net is an excellent pick for both beginners and mobile anglers fishing from the shore.

It’s a super compact and lightweight landing net that’s easy to transport and carry around and still offers plenty of room for bigger fish.

When I fish my local rivers, I always try to pack as light as possible, especially when spin fishing, as I usually cover a great distance. 

And so, having a lightweight and easy-to-transport net with me is super important, as this is a piece of gear that can take a lot of room. 

The Blisswill is such a net. You’ll barely notice it when carrying it, which is exactly what you’re looking for when fishing from the shore!

Also, I dearly remember my first years as a pike angler, when I would take the bike to get to my fishing spots. Thinking back, I wish I had a light and compact net like the Blisswill with me during those days! 

Here are a few more pros and great features of the Blisswill Large Fishing Net:

  • Hoop size: 22×22” (can comfortably land fish up to around 30”)
  • Extended length: 116”
  • Collapsed length: 40” 
  • Net depth: 22” 
  • Coated, tangle-free nylon mesh
  • Reinforced retractable aluminum handle (very durable and corrosion-resistant)
  • Folds to minimal size (easy to carry and store)

For a lower-end net that is foldable, it’s got a surprising strength and durability, which makes it an even better investment if you’re a beginner or have a limited budget. 

This net will last you for a long time!


  • It has a limited size that makes landing a really big pike difficult
  • The screws that hold the hoop bows can get rusty


The Blisswill is a solid pick for beginners and shore anglers who target somewhat smaller pike. The price is definitely hard to beat, and you’ll get a lot of net for your money!

You can find the Blisswill Large Fishing Net on Amazon here if you want to find out more

What Size Net Do You Need for Pike Fishing?

a big northern pike being released back into the water from a fishing boat
Courtesy of Ian Futcher

The ideal size for your pike fishing net depends on the size of the fish you’re targeting and whether you’re fishing from shore or boat.

If you are fishing for really big pike from a boat, you can and should use a larger and bulkier landing net of 30 to 40”.

On the other hand, if you are fishing from the shore and targeting smaller pike that tend to keep close to the banks and shallower water, a somewhat smaller fishing net of 20 to 25” will often suffice.

Besides the size of the actual fish, I think, ultimately, what it comes down to is mobility!

Bringing a large landing net with you on your boat isn’t a problem. But you don’t want to carry a colossal landing net with you if you’re on land and moving around a lot.

All your gear, including your net, should be as compact and lightweight as possible then, right?

In my opinion, a smaller size net is also a much better fit for a beginner, as you don’t want to or can’t spend too much money on gear.

And for those smaller pike that you’re very likely to catch in the beginning, a smaller size net will most certainly be enough!

You can still upgrade your gear once your fish and level of experience have grown. That’s what I did, at least!

What Is the Best Material for Pike Fishing Nets?

The optimal material for pike fishing nets is rubber-coated nylon with a medium to large mesh.

Not only is this material extremely fish-friendly and won’t damage the fish’s protective slime layer, but it also prevents hook snags very effectively.

That second aspect is something I can relate to, having used small meshed nets during my first years as a predator angler.

After countless snagged hooks and holes in my landing net, I finally decided to go for a net with a bigger mesh.

Best decision I ever made! Those snags can drive you insane when you’re trying to unhook your catch!

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Do You Really Need a Net for Pike Fishing?

I get this question a lot, and the answer is always the same; when fishing for toothy predators, always use a landing net!

You should definitely never lip a pike (or any other fish with sharp teeth)! And while you can chin grip your pike to lift it out of the water, it’s not something I recommend, especially if you’re a beginner.

One wrong move and you could be facing an ugly bloodbath as those teeth and gills will slice up anything that gets too close to them. And to top it all of, you’ll probably lose the fish as well!

So, I’d say it’s worth the investment, as you will be fishing much more effectively and safely.

PRO TIP: Regardless how safe you play it, accidents can always happen when fishing for pike. Make sure you have a first aid kit with you on the water at all times! It can make a lot of difference. You can find a great waterproof outdoor first aid kit on Amazon here.

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Essential Gear Tips

If you’re looking for solid and reliable pike fishing equipment, these tips might be useful for you.

The following tackle is of top quality and sells at a very reasonable price on Amazon:

Rod: 7′ MH St. Croix Premier Casting Rod

A versatile and beautifully made medium-heavy 7′ baitcasting rod that’s perfect for bigger predators. Casts anything up to 2.5 ounces extremely well. Has an awesome balance, action, and sensitivity.

Reel: Abu Garcia Revo Beast 41 Baitcasting Reel

An affordable, high-performance baitcasting reel with amazing strength. Casts super smoothly and will last you forever! Makes for a great pike combo together with the Ugly Stick!

Mainline: Power Pro Spectra

One of the best braids available today. Zero stretch, great feel, and immense strength make this line the perfect pick for pike in both open and snaggy waters. Put on a 30lb test and you’re good to go.