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Massive Fall Walleye Run on the Rainy River Has Started

Massive Fall Walleye Run on the Rainy River Has Started

Baudette, Minnesota – The Rainy River, renowned for its excellent walleye fishing, is currently witnessing the start of the annual spectacle of the walleye fall run. 

Every fall, the river and its adjoining areas become a hotspot for fishing enthusiasts hoping to catch massive walleyes.

This phenomenon, eagerly anticipated by thousands of sport anglers, marks the migration of walleyes chasing the millions of emerald shiners running up the river.

The Annual Fall Walleye Run on the Rainy River

Fall in Minnesota is a season of transformation. The changing colors of the leaves, the migration of birds, and the shiner and walleye run on the Rainy River are all part of this magnificent transition. 

The Rainy River becomes a hub of activity as anglers flock to its banks, hoping to capitalize on the fall run of walleyes. 

Lake of the Wood’s water temperature is still a little high, and the runs up the Rainy River have only started. But as temperatures will surely start to drop soon, the coming weeks will surely offer excellent walleye fishing opportunities.

The number and size of these walleye provide a thrilling experience for both seasoned and novice anglers, and there’s always a chance of catching a true fall trophy eye!

Rainy River’s Massive Emerald Shiner Run

an angler holding a small emeral shiner from the Rainy River in Minnesota

Emerald shiners, the primary forage for walleyes, play a pivotal role in this migration. These minnows are a favorite among anglers and are used as bait throughout the year. 

Every year, around the months of September and October, emerald shiners move from Lake of the Woods into the Rainy River, bringing along a trail of walleyes

This natural event is a testament to the intricate balance of the ecosystem, where the movement of one species triggers the migration of another.

How to Catch Fall Walleye on the Rainy River?

Anglers, equipped with the knowledge of this migration, employ various techniques to maximize their catch. 

Most will either use lures that resemble the emerald shiners or jig with them.

A minnow or shiner-tipped jig head is an absolute killer for late-season Rainy River eyes!

PRO TIP: Given the stained waters of the Rainy River and Lake of the Woods, walleyes are particularly attracted to jigs in colors like gold, orange, and chartreuse.

Best Rainy River Walleye Fishing Guides

Here are three local walleye fishing guides on the Rainy River:

Wheezy Outdoors

Contact: Wheezy Outdoors, 7504 State 6 NE, Remer, MN 56672 

Phone: 218-275-7525 

Email: [email protected]

Briggs Guide Service

Contact: 1629 4th St NW, Baudette, MN 56623 

Phone: 612-390-5996

Email: [email protected]

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