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Brainerd Ice Fishing Hybrid Extravaganza ICE SAFETY UPDATE

Brainerd Ice Fishing Hybrid Extravaganza ICE SAFETY UPDATE

All images courtesy of Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza

The Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza organizers published an important update on ice conditions and safety for the upcoming event this Saturday, Feb. 3.

Keep reading this article to get all the essential information about the update and more important facts and news surrounding the upcoming Extravaganza.

So far, winter weather has been anything but stable and cold. 

Ice has been built in the wider Brainerd area, but this week’s warm temperatures are definitely hurting the ice. 

Before the big ice safety update, the Extravaganza team shared a recent Brainerd Dispatch news article that reported the recent ice depth checks conducted on several lakes in Crow Wing County. 

The waters that the County Sheriff’s Office had checked were Gull, Round, and North Long lakes, and the reported ice depths for these waters ranged from 8.5 to 11.5 inches. 

Unfortunately, those checks were made on Wednesday, Jan. 24, of last week! 

A lot has changed since then! New checks were planned for Wednesday, Jan. 31, but have yet to be published online. 

Organizers and Authorities Advice Foot Traffic Only

Last year’s Brainerd Jaycees Ice Fishing Extravaganza

Because the ice conditions remain unpredictable, and to ensure the safety of the Extravaganza’s contestants and spectators, both the event organizers and local authorities have advised foot traffic only on the lakes. 

Here is the official update made by the Extravaganza’s organizers that was published on Jan. 31: 

“Extravaganza Enthusiasts,

In our dedication to creating an exceptional event, we want to emphasize the significant effort invested in organizing this week’s tournament to ensure a delightful experience for all participants. 

Specifically, we are wholeheartedly endorsing FOOT TRAFFIC ONLY for Saturday’s tournament.

While we are fortunate to have fishable conditions in the area, we urge everyone to remain vigilant. 

Regularly check ice conditions, prioritize safety, and exercise caution when venturing onto the lakes. 

We are grateful for the fishable ice at our disposal, but it is crucial that EVERYONE acts responsibly on the frozen lakes.

Our collaboration with the sheriff’s department and local officials has been ongoing to plan a well-distributed tournament in the Brainerd Lakes Area. 

As in the article posted today, please pay attention to areas where rivers and streams flow into lakes.  

Please keep up to date on conditions that are posted in the support group and on local ice report pages.

Safety stands as our utmost priority, and in such a tournament, EVERYONE MUST play a pivotal role in making positive choices.

For the upcoming weekend, we strongly discourage the use of passenger vehicles on the ice. 

Let’s collectively ensure a safe and enjoyable Extravaganza for all.”

A Helpful Update from a Local Brainerd Area Guide

Nate Berg, a local fishing guide in the Brainerd area, gave a very helpful and honest update on ice depths on the lakes in the area. 

You can find it right here below or directly on the 2024 EXTRAVAGANZA HYBRID COMMUNITY SUPPORT Facebook page: 

Nate highlighted, once again, the importance of not driving out on the lakes! 

Additionally, he mentioned using the Minnesota LakeFinder app to find the different lakes in the area, in case people want to avoid fishing the big lakes. 

Parking and Shuttles Available to Various Area Lakes

The event organizers also published an update on the issue of transportation before, during, and after the tournament:

“Parking and shuttles will be available this weekend at BIR!

Shuttles will run from 6 am to 4 pm, beginning at Brainerd International Raceway, dropping off and picking up at various area lakes. 

Once the routes are completely mapped out with our good bussing friends, we will let you know where they are going.

Thank you all for being patient on this matter as we sorted out the details!

Happy fishing!”

More Useful and Helpful Tips for the 2024 Brainerd Ice Fishing Hybrid Extravaganza

Official Male Map

The 2024 Extravaganza’s lake map

If you want to take a closer at the event’s official fishing map, you can check it out via this link.

FishDonkey App

If you need more information about the FishDonkey app, which you will need to be able to register your fish during the tournament, or want to learn how to use it, here is the official update by the organizers:


1. Download the app at

2. Tap: Fish in a Tournament

3. Join: Brainerd Jaycees Extravaganza

You can test the app ahead of time.  

.Join “Practice Entering a Fish”


The Extravaganza’s FAQs

Please visit the Extravaganza’s Frequently Asked Question section for any additional questions concerning the hybrid tournament. 

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