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9 Best Free Fishing Apps for 2023 (A Helpful Guide)

9 Best Free Fishing Apps for 2023 (A Helpful Guide)

In the digital age, even activities as timeless as fishing have received a tech-savvy upgrade.

From apps that help you find the best fishing spots to those that aid in logging your catches, the app market has something for every angler, both novice and experienced. 

Fishing is an expensive hobby as it is. Modern tools, like fishing apps, can cost quite a bit, and not all anglers out there have the budget, or will, to purchase fishing app subscriptions. Luckily, quite a few free alternatives are available on today’s internet. 

This article contains the 9 best free fishing apps that will enhance your fishing experience and might help you boast the biggest catch of the day.

Let’s get right to it and check them out!

Fishbrain (Top Pick)

For years, Fishbrain has been known to be an absolute favorite among anglers. The app provides crowd-sourced data, helping you find the most productive fishing spots. 

Fishbrain also has features that allow users to log catches, share photos, and even engage with a community of like-minded people. 

If Fishbrain continues to excel as one of the leading fishing apps available on the internet, you can expect more refined features and an even larger community of anglers sharing invaluable insights in the near future!

You can find out more about the Fishbrain app and download it here


FishAngler is yet another intelligent and innovative free fishing app that provides detailed fishing maps, forecasts, and social connectivity. 

With features that let you discover new fishing spots and learn various fishing techniques, FishAngler has a holistic approach to enhancing the angler’s fishing experience. 

Keep an eye on the latest updates and features of FishAngler, and expect more awesome features in the coming months and years!

Check out the FishAngler app right here

Fishing Points

Fishing Points is a valuable tool for anglers. This app offers various features that will enhance your fishing experience without costing you a dime. 

Fishing Points offers weather forecasts, solunar data, and a nautical map to help you find the best fishing times and spots on any given day.

In addition, you can save your favorite fishing spots and get GPS coordinates to revisit them easily. 

Seeing how Fishing Points will integrate new technologies to help anglers worldwide will be very interesting!

Get more information about the Fishing Points app here


MyFishCount assists anglers in recording their catches and planning future trips based on historical data. 

It allows anglers to keep a detailed log of their fishing experiences, which can lead to new personal records over time. 

If I had a say, the app could offer a more user-friendly interface and more analytical tools in future iterations.

You can read up on the MyFishCount app right here


Fishidy is a trusted companion for many anglers, offering detailed information on a wide array of fishing locations. 

It allows users to mark their favorite spots and share experiences with anglers. 

If you want to improve your fishing skills, become a better angler, and track your markings to locate fish quicker and easier, you should definitely check out Fishidy!

Get more details on Fishidy here

Pro Angler

The Pro Angler app is known for providing weekly updates on the best fishing spots in different regions. 

The app also offers vast information on various fish species, helping users easily identify their catches. 

Upcoming Pro Angler versions could potentially offer more detailed reports and a more comprehensive guide to fish species. 

We will see what the future holds for this fishing app!

Get more information about and download Pro Angler right here


iAngler is a popular fishing app known for its tournament management features, assisting tournament organizers and participants in tracking catches and standings. 

It streamlines the tournament process, making any fishing tournament a smooth process for everyone involved. 

This app allows you to join fishing tournaments all over the world and lets you log your catch, keep track of your score, and see how other anglers are doing. All in real-time!

Check out the iAngler tournament fishing app here


ANGLR is a comprehensive trip management app that enables users to plan, record, and analyze their fishing trips in detail. 

This innovative app lets you track your favorite fishing waters, communicate with fellow anglers, and complete fishing challenges. 

ANGLR also gives you real-time weather conditions, catch patterns, and gear breakdowns. In short, everything you need to improve your catch rate and fishing skills.

Get more details about the ANGLR app right here

Fish Deeper

This app is a companion to the Deeper Smart Sonar hardware, offering detailed sonar readings directly to your smartphone.

You have to love modern technology!

This innovative app lets you track your favorite fishing waters, communicate with fellow anglers, and complete fishing challenges. 

The Deeper guys know the fishing industry and what’s required to improve your fishing experience!

Explore the Fish Deeper Smart Sonar app here

PLEASE NOTE: While all of the fishing apps in this article have basic free versions, most also offer paid premium and pro versions that contain extra features. Whether or not you decide to go for the basic or premium version is entirely up to you. 

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