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Man Rescued After Falling Through the Ice on Minneapolis Lake

Man Rescued After Falling Through the Ice on Minneapolis Lake

In a dramatic rescue operation on Thursday evening, a 36-year-old man was saved from the icy grips of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, highlighting the dangers of thin ice during this most unusual of winter seasons.

The incident, which occurred approximately 100 feet from shore, prompted a swift response from local authorities and has since sparked a state-wide call for increased ice safety awareness.

According to reports from FOX 9, CBS News, and Bring Me the News, the Minneapolis Park Police, along with Minneapolis Police Department officers and Hennepin EMS Paramedics, were dispatched to the scene just before 7:45 p.m. after receiving distress calls about a man submerged up to his neck in the frigid waters, desperately calling for help.

The rescue operation saw a Minneapolis Park Police officer, discarding his gear for a life vest, brave the treacherous ice to reach the man with a rope.

With the aid of other first responders, the man was pulled to safety in a matter of minutes, a testament to the courage and quick thinking of the city’s emergency services.

The victim, alert and conversing, was immediately transported to a local hospital for treatment.

His survival is attributed to the rapid response and the coordinated efforts of the police and paramedics on the scene.

In the wake of the rescue, Minneapolis Park Police Chiefs have issued stern warnings about the perilous condition of ice on the city’s lakes.

They were very clear on the fact that there is no safe ice anywhere in Minneapolis right now and stressed that no one should be going onto the ice.

The park police chiefs also expressed gratitude towards the first responders for their willingness to risk their lives for the community.

The officials urge all residents to heed the warnings and stay off the ice to prevent future accidents.

The bravery displayed during Thursday’s rescue underscores the importance of ice safety and the need for vigilance during exceptionally warm winters like the one we have this year.

MN Authorities Issue Warnings

Due to persisting high temperatures, winds, and quickly deteriorating ice quality, both the Minneapolis Police Department and the Minnesota DNR have recently released statements urging people to stay off the ice and sharing safety tips.

I can only second these words! The past weeks have been extremely warm, and the ice that’s left has been weakened plenty by those high temperatures on many lakes across the state.

Personally, I wouldn’t risk going on the ice this late in the game. It’s simply not worth risking your health or life, as the above story reminds us.

Please stay home, get your gear ready, and wait for that open water season to start instead!

Temperatures to Remain High in Minneapolis

10-day weather forecast for Minneapolis (source:

If you need another reason to stay off the ice, just take a look at the local weather forecast for the Minneapolis area, where this latest ice incident took place.

And no matter where in Minnesota you might be, I’m fairly certain that the temperatures will look similar to the ones above!

General Ice Fishing Safety Tips

Should there still be some stable ice on your local lakes (even though I highly doubt that by now) and you decide to head out, please be extremely careful and remember these basic safety tips when you’re going on the ice:

Tip #1: Always check ice thickness

The first and most important thing is always to check the thickness of the ice! 

Generally speaking, you should stay off ice that’s less than 4 inches thick. PERIOD! 

Personally, I prefer 6 inches, just in case. However, you must check the ice on your way out constantly. 

The warmth has made the ice on most lakes very weak by now, and late ice is never to be trusted!

4 or more inches of ice can quickly turn into 2 or 1 inch. And boom, you’re going through! 

Tip #2: Trust your spud bar

Courtesy of Tommy Rudack

A spud bar or ice chisel is probably your most important tool on the ice! It’ll help you check the thickness and compactness of the ice. 

Personally, I wouldn’t head out without one. It’s really vital! 

A spud bar allows you to test the ice quickly and frequently, saving you time and energy, as you won’t have to drill dozens of holes with your auger. 

Tip #3: Always wear ice picks

Never go on the ice without wearing that good old, trusted pair of ice picks around your neck!

If, God forbid, you should fall through, these things can end up saving your life! 

Without them, you might never be able to pull yourself out of the water and onto the ice.

So please don’t take them off while ice fishing. That’s not the point of bringing them!

Tip #4: Don’t go on the ice alone

Courtesy of Sonia Lien

This is a great safety tip for early ice that you might be uncertain about. 

The buddy system can ensure that your friend or friends can help you in case of an emergency or that you can help your friend or friends!

Making your way back onto the ice alone can sometimes be an impossibility. Having someone around who could help you or quickly get help can make all the difference!

Tip #5: Wear a float suit or life jacket

This might sound a little overkill, but wearing a float suit or life jacket on the ice can be an excellent idea! 

If you’re unsure about your physical abilities or don’t know how you might react if you go through, a float suit or life jacket can make things a lot easier in that ice-cold water. 

You still have to drag yourself onto the ice again, but at least you’ll have a little more time, a somewhat clearer head, and, most importantly, you won’t drown!

Tight lines, and stay safe out there!

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