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National Professional Fishing League: Casting Lines and Making Headlines

National Professional Fishing League: Casting Lines and Making Headlines

Welcome to the thrilling world of the National Professional Fishing League (NPFL), where pro anglers cast their lines in pursuit of glory and high payouts!

Whether you’re a seasoned fishing enthusiast or new to the competitive fishing scene, this article is your gateway to discovering the excitement that the NPFL brings to the table.

We’ll navigate through the league’s vibrant history, explore the 2023 bass tournament schedule featuring picturesque lakes across the nation, and dive into the live broadcasts that bring the action straight to you. Curious about the leaderboard and the substantial payouts? We’ve got that covered, too!

So, sit back and enjoy this informative article on the exciting and prestige National Professional Fishing League!

2023 NPFL Bass Tournament Schedule

The NPFL hosts a series of bass tournaments throughout the season, featuring some of the best bass fishing destinations in the country.

The league is currently in the midst of its 2023 season, with exciting events and live broadcasts allowing fans to catch all the action.

The schedule includes stops at renowned lakes, where anglers compete for the coveted $100,000 Winner’s Check and valuable Angler of the Year (AOY) points.

The NPFL 2023 season features six qualifying tournaments across various locations. Here are the details of the lakes and dates for each stop:

  1. Stop One: Pickwick Lake
    • Location: Florence, AL
    • Dates: March 12 – 17, 2023
    • Launch: McFarland Park
  2. Stop Two: Wright Patman Lake
    • Location: Texarkana, TX
    • Dates: April 16 – 22, 2023
    • Venue: Sportsmans Cove, Spring Lake Park
  3. Stop Three: Santee Cooper Lakes
    • Location: Clarendon County, SC
    • Dates: May 21 – 27, 2023
    • Venue: John C Land III
  4. Stop Four: Saginaw Bay
    • Location: Bay City, MI
    • Dates: July 16 – 22, 2023
    • Venue: Veterans Memorial Park, Friendship Park Downtown
  5. Stop Five: Lake Eufaula
    • Location: Eufaula, OK
    • Dates: September 24 – 30, 2023
    • Venue: 400 Lakeshore Drive
  6. Stop Six: Lake Lanier
    • Location: Gwinnett County, GA
    • Dates: October 22 – 28, 2023
    • Venue: Laurel Park Boat Ramp, Coolray Field – Home of the Stripers

Additionally, the NPFL Championship will be held at Lake Amistad, with the dates and venue details to be determined (TBD). The launch for the championship will be at Diablo East Ramp.

For more information and updates on the schedule, you can visit the NPFL 2023 Schedule page.

2023 National Professional Fishing League Roster

a pro bass angler competing in an NPFL tournament
Credit: NPFL (Find them on Facebook)

The National Professional Fishing League (NPFL) boasts a diverse and talented roster for the 2023 season, featuring anglers from across the country.

Each angler brings a unique set of skills and experiences to the league, contributing to the competitive and dynamic atmosphere of the NPFL tournaments.

Here, we spotlight ten of the most renowned bass anglers from the 2023 NPFL Roster:

  1. John Cox
    • Known for his versatility and success in various fishing tournaments, John Cox is a force to be reckoned with in the bass fishing community.
  2. Patrick Walters
    • Patrick Walters has made a name for himself with his impressive performances and dedication to the sport, earning respect and recognition from his peers.
  3. Mike Corbishley
    • Mike Corbishley has showcased his angling skills by consistently securing top positions in the leaderboard, making him a notable competitor in the league.
  4. Lendell Martin Jr.
    • With a passion for fishing and a competitive spirit, Lendell Martin Jr. has earned his spot as one of the prominent anglers in the NPFL.
  5. Darrel Robertson
    • Veteran angler Darrel Robertson brings years of experience and a wealth of knowledge to the league, making him a formidable opponent.
  6. Brandon Perkins
    • Brandon Perkins is known for his strategic approach to fishing and his ability to adapt to different conditions, earning him accolades in the bass fishing world.
  7. Keith Carson
    • Keith Carson’s dedication and love for fishing have propelled him to the forefront of the bass angling community, making him a standout competitor.
  8. Jason Reyes
    • Jason Reyes has demonstrated his angling prowess through consistent performances and a deep understanding of bass behavior.
  9. Quentin Cappo
    • Quentin Cappo’s enthusiasm and commitment to the sport have made him a well-respected and recognized figure in the bass fishing league.
  10. Charlie Ingram
    • Charlie Ingram’s extensive experience and angling skills have established him as a respected competitor and a valuable member of the NPFL community.

These anglers, along with the rest of the roster, are set to make the 2023 season of the NPFL a thrilling and unforgettable experience for fans and fellow competitors alike.


a pro bass angler at the NPFL weigh in at Lake Eufaula
Credit: NPFL

The leaderboard is a crucial aspect of the NPFL, showcasing the top-performing anglers in each tournament.

Mike Corbishley recently made headlines by taking the Day One lead at Lake Eufaula with a limit of 16-2.

The leaderboard is continually updated, reflecting the competitive nature of the league and the anglers’ quest for AOY Gold.

PRO TIP: Keep updated with the latest news and results via the NPFL League News section and the Live Leaderboard!

Live Broadcast

The NPFL offers extensive live broadcast coverage, giving fans a front-row seat to all the action from launch to scale.

With 21 hours of coverage at each event, viewers can experience every moment and even revisit the action through the ReBroadcast Library available on the league’s website.

The live broadcasts focus on the anglers, providing unique coverage, audience interaction, and full-field competition results.

Find out more about the NPFL Live Broadcast here!

History of the League

The NPFL was established with the vision of building a better national tournament trail and putting anglers and families first.

The league is designed to provide a platform for competitors to excel and succeed, fostering a community of passionate anglers.

The NPFL has partnered with various sponsors, including BaitWrX, the official tackle provider for the 2023 season, and Progressive, the official sponsor of The League.

What is the Payout for the NPFL?

The NPFL offers substantial payouts for its tournaments, with anglers battling for the impressive $100,000 Winner’s Check at each stop.

This significant prize reflects the league’s commitment to rewarding the skills and dedication of its competitors and adds an extra layer of excitement to each event.

The NPFL – A League to Watch!

The National Professional Fishing League continues to grow and evolve, providing a competitive and engaging platform for anglers.

With its rich history, exciting tournament schedule, live broadcasts, and substantial payouts, the NPFL is a significant player in the world of professional fishing.

For those interested in learning more about the league and its work, the NPFL website is a valuable resource.

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